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Lectures at the Grand Mosque, Oman

The Clash of Civilizations or Global Civil Society?


By David Blankenhorn

What do we seek? Working together, we seek to replace the clash of civilizations with a global civil society guided by universal human values and based on the principles of justice and tolerance. I believe that this is the great calling of our generation Read more

The Vigorous Presence of Religion in a Religiously Pluralistic Society

By James Turner Johnson

My focus today is at a different level, that of the broader societal context within which religious belief and practice, and behavior influenced by such belief and practice, interact with American public life. This is a topic poorly understood by friends and enemies of the United States alike, as well as by those in between. It is a topic of deep complexity, which shows different faces in different contexts Read more

Just War Tradition, Ahkam al-jihad, and Political Decision-Making

By John Kelsay

The just war tradition and ahkam al-jihad provide us with frameworks by which we talk about the rights and wrongs of war. Some people want to deny this. They want to say that the just war tradition and ahkam al-jihad are a cause of our problems. They view these traditions as ways by which we talk ourselves into fighting. I disagree. I say that the just war tradition and ahkam al-jihad are ways we talk ourselves through war. Read more

The American Understanding of Religious Liberty


By William A. Galston

My goal today is to explain one aspect of America that is often misunderstood—namely, the relation between politics and religion. In describing this relation, it is not my intention to recommend it as the right and proper course for other countries with very different traditions. My intention, rather, is to remove some misunderstandings so that you may see my country more clearly. Whether you like what you see is not for me to say. Read more

The Role and Rule of Law in a Multicultural World

By Leah Ward Sears