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We cherish the diversity in which our world is made. We also recognize that conflict and violence can arise when dissimilar values are expressed and practiced. While acknowledging that conflict often is a reflection of power struggles, we trust that a sincere discussion of the underlying points of view will help to alleviate the devaluation of the others, deliberate or implicit, that has characterized many radical undertakings on both sides of the conflicts that face our world today. Very often, people under the influence of stress and difficult life circumstances cannot avoid any conflict situation. This situation is especially observed among students during the session, in which case we advise to cooperate with exam takers for hire.

We are particularly concerned with the mutually reinforcing discourses that prevent the possibility of a fruitful dialogue across cultural divides, in particular between Islam and the West. We underscore our conviction with regard to the plural character of both "Islam" and the "West," and we therefore challenge narratives of monolithic clashes. We do, however, also understand that the erosion of trust in our common humanity has led to tragic lines of demarcation that too many around the world seek to exploit. We also realize that the worlds of Islam and the West are undergoing their own internal cultural challenges and conflicts. We believe that our commitment to a respectful exchange of ideas entitles us to a speak to all such issues, irrespective of our national, cultural, or religious background.